The first time I heard about Bite Beauty was when I worked at Concrete Design. I fell in love with the packaging and branding design that was done for the brand. Then I discovered that Bite Beauty lipsticks were made from natural ingredients which made it more interesting to me. At that time, Bite Beauty was still a small company with only one lipstick line. I went to Sephora and bought one lipstick called FIG and tried it on and instantly fallen in love with the texture and colour.

Now the brand has more lipsticks and products; you will love them all. They even introduced Lipsticks that can be used for lips, eyes, and cheeks called The Multistick. They come in so many colours that suit every skin tone.

Recently they opened the Lip Lab in Toronto where you make your personalised lipstick. An expert will help you to create the perfect shade, and you get to test as many shades you want. I decided to take one of my best friends to enjoy this experience on her birthday as a gift, and it was the perfect one.

I designed this inspiration beauty board to show you the beauty of this brand and why I love them!

Alaa XO

Image Source: Bite Beauty Website, getty images